WEX – Emission monitoring system

WEX – Emission monitoring systemEmission monitoring system

WEX software was specifically designed to meet all requirements posed monitoring of emissions.

Fully compliant with EN14181, QAL2 & QAL3 ISO7168, ISO8258


WEX software has been certified by Sira Certification Service. Certificate Number: Sira MC150271/00

Complies with all applicable standards and directives such as:

  • IPPC Directive 96/61/EC BAT based [Best Available Technique]
  • European Directive 2001/80/EC for Large Combustion Plants [LCPD]
  • European Directive 2000/76/EC for Waste Incinerators [WID]
  • Quality assurance of automated measuring systems EN 14181
  • Quality assurance of AMS data CEN TC 264 [draft by WG9]

Benefits with WEX:

    • ORACLE Database
    • All data, event logs, actions, comments, …
    • Online help user
    • Multilanguage
    • Interactive display
    • Laboratory analyses management
    • Data status
    • Validation data tool
    • Calibration management
    • QAL 3 QAL 2 compliant
    • CuSum (EN 14181), EWMA, Shewhart (ISO 8258)
    • Automatic analysis of calibration results
    • Automatic reports
    • CMMS inside
    • Maintenance management
      • Scheduling
      • Spare parts
      • Reports
    • Modeling engines
    • Remote access
    • Data transfer