Scope of training QAL 3

Scope of training QAL 3QAL 3

  • Responsibilities of the person supervising the automatic monitoring system of incinerator
  • Staff training in the field of calibration of automatic emission monitoring system (AMS) using calibration gases
  • Range of measurement procedures QAL1, QAL2, QAL3 and AST in accordance with PN-EN 14181
  • Quality assurance during the operational phase AMS – level QAL 3 according to PN-EN 14181
  • Ongoing supervision QAL3 indications based on Shewhart card
  • The rules establish Shewhart cards
  • SAMS calculations – overall uncertainty of emission monitoring system using data obtained during QAL1 as the basis for the QAL3 procedures performed with Shewhart cards
  • Explanation the differences between uncertainty and error of reference standards or certified reference materials for the data used
  • Rules for the interpretation of results appearing on the cards Shewhart in accordance with the following standards: PN 8225+AC 1 and PN-EN 14181
  • Establishment of Shewhart card for system
  • SAMS calculation of the user’s system
  • Drawing control and warning limits on a Shewhart card
  • AMS calibration and determination of the first points on a Shewhart card