3 different versions to meet your analytical requirements

GRAPHITE 52M-S – Total VOC monitoring

GRAPHITE 52M-D – Simultaneous Total VOC and methane monitoring

GRAPHITE 52M-W – Total VOC monitoring on 2 independent lines

Reduced maintenance

    • Easy access to all components
    • Traceability of parts and consumables
    • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting

Major fields of application:

    • Exhaust gas analysis
    • Standard Reference Method for Emission monitoring
    • Laboratories and research centers
    • Process control in all fields
    • Combustion monitoring in all fields

Exclusive features:

    • Burners placed in a heated furnace, up to 191 °C allowing measurement of high concentrations of heavy hydrocarbons
    • Ultra short response time
    • Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    • Interactive menu driven software with enhanced speed display
    • Real time calibration graph
    • User adjustable response time and averaging time
    • Long-life catalysator with high efficiency
    • Built-in storage of 2 months 1/4 h average data (up to 1 year with the optional memory extension)
    • Internal zero and burner air scrubber
    • Built-in double serial interface (RS 232/RS 422) for remote control & maintenance
    • Ethernet network connection