Data-logger COMBILOG 1020

Data-logger COMBILOG 1020Data-logger COMBILOG 1020

Compact design with integrated LCD-display and memory module for PCMCIA memory cards, suitable for applications in meteorological, hydrological and environmental measuring systems, as well as various other industrial applications. The COMBILOG enables the user to enter his individual system configuration in an easy manner, whereby sensors of almost any kind can be integrated (refer to “Configuration”).

Basic performance and new features:

  • 2 versions of operating frequency: 20 MHz (Standard) or 5 MHz (Low Power).
  • 8 analog inputs and 6 digital I/O ports, as well as additional arithmetical channels, thus featuring a maximum of 32 channels. Connection of any common sensor type. Analog inputs with 2-, 3- or 4-line connection. Wide selection of measuring ranges (e.g. for voltage measurement, from ±6.25 mV). Connection of thermocouples.
  • High resolution (16 bit A/D-conversion).
  • 2 serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485), suitable for ASCII- or PROFIBUS-format (MODBUS-RTU). Networks up to 126 loggers. Master function for data collection from other bus modules, via RS485 interface.
  • Baudrate up to 38,400 bps.
  • User-achievable menu-guided configuration under WINDOWS 95/98/NT/2000.
  • Built-in 256 kB RAM, extendable to max. 32 MB, by means of SRAM-Card. PCMCIA-slot included. Flash memory cards available from 2 MB to 10 MB.
  • Compact SMD design. Shell fits on standard rail; plug-in screw terminals for up to 1.5 mm2 at the front.
  • LC-display and multifunctional switch for online display and change of basic modes. LEDs for “Run”, “Error” and I /O Status.
  • Wide range of accessories available, such as evaluation software and battery/solar supply.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30…+60°C).
  • Extended number of communication commands for memory management incl. use of password.
  • Threshold triggered reports via modem resp. SMS, e.g. for alarm purpose.
  • Extended ranges for scan rate (0.5 s to 60 min) and averaging interval (1 s to 12 h).
  • Averaging interval changeable by process controlled triggering.
  • Excellent price/performance relation.

Due to the COMBILOG’s low power consumption, battery-supplied systems for about several weeks continuous measuring period can be realized. This period may be extended by the use of solar panel supply. For applications like outdoor use there are stainless steel housings, lockable, protection class IP 65, available. With mains-independent systems, this housing also contains the battery and – eventually – the charge controller (refer to ordering code resp. catalogue group 9). Upon request, complete systems (mobile or stationary), incl. all sensors, masts and supports, as well as personal computer and software, GSM- or short range wireless modem incl. antenna, can be quoted. Several standard software programs for data transfer and data evaluation are available (Refer to ordering code, COMVIEW 32, COMGRAPH 32, COMAVIA).

Technical Data


  • Inputs: Defined by software
    • analog: 8 x, for current-, voltage- and resistance measurement; 16 bit analog/digital conversion, 2-, 3- or 4-line connection; resp. single-ended or differential;
      • resolution: 0.003…0.03 %, range dependant
      • accuracy: 0.01…0.3 %; range dependant *
      • linearity: 0.01%;
      • temp. drift: 25 ppm/K; 2 ppm/K with drift correction*
      • ranges: ±6.25 mV… ±10 V; 62.5 mA…25 mA; 200 W…20 kW
    • digital: 6 x I/O port, for frequency measurement, counter, status and special Gray Code;
      • as input: max. 18 V DC resp. max. 2 kHz;
      • as output: Open Collector, max. 18 V DC resp. max. 100 mA
  • Interfaces: 1 x RS232, 1 x RS485; each ASCII- or PROFIBUS compatible, baud rate max. 38,400 bps, MODBUS-RTU
  • Analog output: none
  • Data storage: PCMCIA Flash Memory Card up to 10 MB; resp. 256 kB internal RAM, extendable up to 32 MB
  • Display: LCD, 2 x 16 characters, contrast adjustable,
  • Power supply: 10…18 V DC; upon configuration, from 70 mW
  • Operating temperature: -30…+60°C; storage: -30…+85°C
  • Construction: Aluminium/ABS housing for installation on standard rail 35 mm, acc. to EN 50022; connection with plug-in terminals for up to 1.5 mm2
  • Dimensions: 189 x 90 x 83 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: approx. 720 g

*) Accuracy can further be enhanced by drift correction, e.g. for temperature measurement by means of Pt 100 typically ±0.03°C, voltage measurement typically ±3 mV.

Telephone-, GSM- or short- range wireless modems, incl. antennas and accessories, upon request


Configurating the COMBILOG, as well as the COMBILOG LT, is accomplished by means of a WINDOWS® 95/98/NT/2000 based PCsoftware.
Hereby the channel layout for all inputs is supported by a database, comprising data of all common sensors. Configuration and connection is displayed and stored and printed out, if required. Next to analog and digital inputs, mathematical adaptations as well as control- and alarm functions may be realized. The configuration carried out on a PC is directly transmitted to the COMBILOG via RS232 resp. RS485 interface, and is similarly accessible in reverse direction. Measuring values of all channels can equally be displayed. For use with different applications, a number of configurations can easily be created and entered to the COMBILOG correspondingly.