Cairsens is an integrated system consisting of an amperometric sensor, a dynamic
air sampling with a patented filter, and an electronic circuitry which allows a direct
real time display of the measured value and status complete with internal data
logging. Reliability of the measurement is achieved by limiting the effect of humidity
variations by using a gas specific inlet filter combined with dynamic air sampling
system. The high quality of amperometric sensor allows specific measurement,
comparable to the reference methods.
The miniaturisation of the micro-sensor and the very low power consumption
allows easy deployment of stand-alone Cairtub station and wireless, real-time
networks via Cairnet for autonomous operation.
Monitoring fugitive emission like odour on WWT plants,
Dynamic pollution mapping
Ambiant air pollution study
Indoor air quality measurement
Chronic exposure evaluation
Individual health survey
Epidemiologic study
Simple, reliable, cost effective
Low cross sensitivity
ppb levels detection
No maintenance required, no need for re-calibration
Stand alone version
Immediate operation
Shelf life: 1 year

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